Gallbladder comprises of a hollow system lying beneath the Liver. Gallbladder of an adult is 8 cm in length and 4 cm in diameter. It has three functions i.e.




Neck of the Gallbladder connects to the Biliary Tree (Biliary Tract) through Cystic Ducts (short ducts joining Gallbladder to common bile duct), which then connects the Common Hepatic Duct (ducts draining bile from right and left functional lobe of liver) with Common Bile Duct (tube like structure in Gastrointestinal Tract). A mucosal fold known as Hartmann’s Pouch is present at the Neck where the Gallstones get stuck. Gallbladder is situated at the lateral side of Rectus Abdominal Muscle. Fundus lies at the level similar to Transpyloric or Addison’s Plane (located halfway between jugular notch and upper part of Pubic Symphysis). The Body region of Gall Bladder is connected to the Liver.

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